Sitting at my spinning wheel one day, I thought it would be good to share my love of spinning and knitting, and my other handcrafts as well. Hence, The Woolly Mother came into existence, creating a place to indulge in the magical world of wool and fibre.

A spinning wheel somehow arrived in front of me many years ago when I was living in New Zealand, and that was the beginning of a lifetime passion. I fell in love with wool and spinning. New Zealand was the perfect place to feed my new-found creativeness. Throwing myself into the world of wool was an exciting experience and out came the spinning wheel at every opportunity – needless to say, my stash grew very quickly until I had to find more places to keep fleece.

I learnt to knit when I was very young and had produced some items over the years, but it wasn’t until I began spinning that it came into its own. It blends beautifully with the yarns I produce from the wheel and makes the whole experience very satisfying.

After many years of spinning and knitting, they have finally taken over. When it comes to bookmarking all the dyed tops sites, all the knitting sites you can find, and joining oodles of forums, it probably means you have finally gone crazy! Oh well, maybe there are others out there like me – hope so, then I can feel I have some semblance of sanity. Maybe.

Join me on a journey of fibre, colour, design and fun – there is always something new to learn and exciting techniques to explore. I would like to share and teach these ancient crafts and hope that someone will also gain as much enjoyment from them as I do.

              Fleur, Florrie and Pierre take an interest in all things Wool

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