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When it comes to crafts, its always been a passion. Sitting spinning in a shady spot outside - stitching a cross stitch or tapestry - or knitting up a storm. And now the added crafts of Weaving and Tunisian Crochet...

Life is full of crafts. There are dozens of crafts to choose from. Whichever you choose, throw yourself in feet first and have a go. You might be surprised at the results. 

I always encourage others to take up these ancient crafts to help keep them alive for our future generations - it has been my go-to place for eons.

Fibre crafts have been around for millennia, and will be around for a long time to come with the renewed interest in spinning and knitting. Anything created from natural fibres are always good to wear, comfortable, warm or cool depending on the fibre, and an essential part of life.








A few projects are on the go - as we craft people seem to do... 🙂 More will be added as they occur. If you are willing to experiment, have a play, see how things turn out, then you are on the right track for some very interesting, fun, and maybe challenging projects.

After many years of knitting, I am re-visiting Crochet and finding it revitalising - so many options and choices it hard to know where to start.

Stay tuned for more things Crochet!





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