It all started years ago with a small cross stitch card. Yes, a card! It was a tiny design only a couple of inches square. It got me hooked! Ever since then, on and off, I have been cross stitching fairly simple designs, and not huge pieces either. Bookmarks are one of my favourites to work as they are small, but not necessarily quick – some are really quite intricate.

Now I am becoming more adventurous. The design I have started stitching is big – 109cm x 38cm – or 605 stitches wide and 210 stitches high. 


Four Seasons Cross Stitch Project

Recently started is the Four Seasons design. It contains 69 colours with intricate mixes throughout the work.  The plan is ...


My grand daughter has also become very interested in cross stitch and does it every chance she gets. And, of course, I encourage her to the max. She has worked a number of bookmarks for her friends and currently stitching Pretty Little Hawaii – 18 count Aida, measuring 6.75″ x 6″.

If you are looking for a good online cross stitch supplies shop, JK’s Cross Stitching Supplies is excellent. She has everything, and if not, will try to obtain it for  you. I am buying my cross stitch stand from her soon.


Here are some Cross Stitch sites you might like to visit


Have fun and enjoy! 




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