It’s nice, sitting here, feet up against the post,
a cup of coffee at my side.
No one around, just the sound of cicadas,
and the noise of traffic behind a massive fence,
which I manage to shut out – most of the time.
The tree overhanging the roof and side of the
house is huge – protecting from the sun and
shading my Bonsai trees that live on the
front verandah.
Sunlight filters through the leaves,
creating patterns on the bare ground,
Moving and fluttering around as the breeze
stirs the branches.
A small, bright blue bug hovers around,
looking for a spot to land;
Birds chirrup, hidden amongst the leaves
of the vast tree.
It is a beautiful day,
Clear blue sky, warm, with signs of
Autumn already on the way…
A hot summer this year,
Bush fires blaze through wooded areas,
Taking the old and making way for the new.
The cycles continue, as I sit and watch
the shadows dancing…

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