Hand-knitted socks are very warm and very snuggly, keeping toes warm and stopping legs from freezing in the cold weather.

My daughter decided she would like a pair of socks after I mentioned I was going to make myself some. So, onto the net I go and look up a few patterns, settling on a pair that have celtic twisted cables front and back.
This is a lady who has never knitted socks before – ever – attempting to work these complicated designs. I have knitted quite a few cable patterns but none as tricky as this one.
The socks were worked on five 2.5mm needles – matchsticks I call them, they are that fine. But once I got the hang of it, I was whipping around those needles pretty quickly and the socks grew rapidly.

They turned out well, with the verigated colours blending
Daughter is pretty pleased with them and has
already ‘ordered’ another pair!
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