Its long overdue and somewhere, someone is wondering why I haven’t added any posts to The Woolly Mother for so long – well, maybe someone is…

I decided to create a few handmade items to send overseas for Christmas pressies this year. Luckily, to save time, I already had the yarn handspun and ready to go. Settling on what to make was, of course, quite easy. Considering its always cold this time of year in the northern hemisphere, nice, warm, woolly scarves would be the order of the day. So, I proceeded to knit for both mum and dad.

This one I created for Mum – I balanced the blue with a lovely peachy shade, and drop-stitch pattern making the texture quite thick and warm, even though the yarn was only about a four ply thickness.

Dad’s scarf I knitted in Fisherman’s Rib, again giving a good thick texture and light in weight

The Knitted and Felt Shoulder Bag was a treat to make. I knitted the bag in stocking stitch, sewed it all together and threw it into the washing machine, on a hot wash. Twice. After that second round, it came out at the right size and texture. I then lined it with a contracting cotton fabric and added toggles so the bag could be closed – they are not in place when I took these photos.

To hold the lining in place I stitched around the outside with a handspun merino/possum yarn.

Hopefully, the recipients will love their pressies. I had a lot of fun making them.


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