Don’t know about France being on a go slow with the new retirement age reform, but at this end of the world the knitting side of things is definitely on a go slow. Not from choice however, more from a case of being distracted with other happenings in the household. At least I have one mitten completed and the other well underway.

A bit of domestic news – thank goodness we missed most of the high winds and floods that seem to have found most people down the east coast – only a couple of showers of rain and very little wind.

With kids back at school, its time to get some semblance of order, though it seems a little slow in showing itself. Not for the want of trying, but distractions do seem to find their way into the mix and totally mess things up.

For instance, on Thursday I had it all planned out – edit and publish on Brandlady, one or two blogs on here, a bit of knitting and maybe some spinning if there is time….Noooo, not happening. I ended up dashing into town to find a birthday present for my eldest son and mailing it overnight express to reach him on Friday. It did. But by the time I got back from town, the enthusiasm had disappeared along with most of my day. Never mind, thought I, there is tomorrow. And still no knitting accomplished.

Friday dawns and moves along at a brilliant pace – the publishing happened, along with a little research and even a few rows of the mitten. Now if that could happen every day, I definitely would achieve a few goals.

So, today, I decided I would dedicate myself to ‘the mitten’. It worked – for a while, until granddaughter got in on the act and wanted Nana’s attention for every little thing. And then pinched my laptop to play on her iGoogle – this little girl is only seven years old mind you.

Oh well – there is always tomorrow…


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