As its impossible for me not to knit or spin, I decided to create a jumper for my partner. But, not being satisfied with simple stocking stitch, I thought I would create something a little different – A V-neck long-sleeve jumper with cables and pattern front and back.

The fleece is a pale grey and spun as double knit. Then came the patterns – a trip to the library and I came back with at least three books of stitch designs. After much procrastinating I decided on a wide cable – Twisted and Crossed Cable, narrow four stitch cable and a middle block Little Cable Fabric , which I  scanned separately into photoshop (see pic left) then I created into one design to see what it would look like.

Next came the tension square, which was trial and error as I discovered the pattern pulled the work in enough to make a difference, so had to allow extra stitches to compensate for this. After starting the back and working about ten centimeters I saw that it was not wide enough, so the lot was unpicked and restarted. Once the process was computed into the brain, the patterns were easy to work and each pattern was divisable into twenty-four rows (twisted and crossed cable) so had the number of rows for each pattern written down to be crossed off as each row was knitted. The system worked brilliantly.

Throughout the knitting there were only two occasions when I ‘mis-knitted’ the pattern and had to unpick a number of rows. Apart from that the progress was smooth, if a little slow due to other circumstances getting in the way. I chose to use a book with ‘Master Patterns’ to save time – Teach Yourself Visually – Knitting Design. A very good book for all sizes from baby to extra large, with variations on neck design, sleeve tops, and body shape. This book I would recommend for beginner or experienced knitters to use.

The jumper is nearly finished and I will post a picture of it when its complete. The object of the exercise has been achieved – a unique garment, the only one of its design in the world.

The next project?  A scarf and beanie for my grand daughter. She chose the wool and colours – white scarf, black beanie. Hmmmm… that will be interesting.

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