Writing a blog, or article, for someone who is an editor but not a writer is definitely a challenge. I find it easier being an editor, and running my online women’s wellbeing magazine brandlady.com than writing an article. Why?

Often thoughts come to mind for topics to write about, and of course, when I am without pad and pen I can think of a whole section that would be good on paper, and then by the time I have them in my hand, the words are gone. It seems to come so easily to many people and here am I, someone who can spin, design garments, run a magazine, edit a manuscript, yet have so many headaches trying to write.

When it comes to writing about crafts I know, the writing comes easier as will be seen from my other blogs, but to write something of substance is a different matter; one needs to have a passion for the topic to create a good piece of writing that is both readable and informative.

Women’s issues, particularly concerning abuse or suppression, is a strong subject with me and any way that I can help support and empower women I will, including write about a topic that I feel strongly about. This is what brandlady.com is all about. Getting the support out to those who need it, enabling and encouraging those women who are abused to recognise what is happening and to remove themselves from the problem. If it can help just one person, then its all worthwhile.

The magazine covers many topics from wellbeing to writing, and most people find something of interest between the pages. As I love knitting and spinning, I tend to add things here and there on those topics as can be seen when reading that area, but there is something for everyone – and it’s still growing.

Those who have the gift for writing ought to use it regularly. If the topics are a little extrovert or controversial,  find an outlet that will accept them. If you are able to write a book – do it. Don’t put it off, sit down and put that pen to paper, or fingers to the keyboard, and start writing.

All in all, writing is an excellent way to express yourself, get your words out to the world, and most of all, have fun doing it.

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